Author of Paranormal Romantic Fiction

Janette has lived her entire lifetime in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States of America.  Her writing began as an answer to her prayer when she asked for happiness after depression, caused by a 1979 Traumatic Brain Injury, set in.  Since then she found her way to and has belonged to the Romance Writers of America (RWA).

Her first RWA chapter membership began in her home state of Oregon with the Heart of Oregon chapter, where she served as Hospitality Chair.

From there she moved on to University Place, Washington where she served the Tacoma, Washington chapter RWA as Publicity Chair, and Research and Resources Officer.

Since then her involvement has gone on to membership in the Olympia, Washington chapter RWA where she has served as the Publicity and Promotions chair, and as Vice President, and continues now as an active member.

Janette Harjo writes Paranormal Romantic Fiction, was contracted in 2013 and is the Amazon Best Selling author of CONNECTIONS, a three book series.  The romantic paranormal series, which time travels the protagonists through four different lifetimes and is filled with supernatural wizardry, is available on Amazon Kindle and also in paperback from Amazon. 

The author is now hard at work on a paranormal romantic historical time-travel based on Chief Captain Jack and the Modoc War of 1872-73, which took place in the author’s homeland of southern Oregon and northern California.  The expected publication date of  this fictional story will be in March, 2021.