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As you know, I write paranormal romance.  But please don’t pin me into only writing about Werewolves and Vampires and stuff like that.  Since Paranormal is anything that is not normal, that is the path my muse tends to pursue. Whereas at some future date I might choose to delve into the area where ghosts and such do exist, right now I am working on two stories. One is about a mermaid, life with her human, and life with her merman.  Which existence will she choose?! The other is a time travel historical romance based on the Modoc War of 1872/73.

My tendency towards the writing subjects I choose, because of my experiences in life, makes me wonder if any of you have ever had a paranormal encounter.  My experiences to date have mostly involved ghosts and visitations.  I’ll gladly expand on those encounters I have had, in future editions of this newsletter.  🙂

What else been going on with Janette, you might wonder.  I’ve been busy with traveling,  attending Writer’s Conferences and of course, my writing. 

As always, I love to hear from my readers!  Please contact me here on WordPress at http://www.janetteharjoauthor.com

Janette Harjo

Janette Harjo is the Amazon Best Selling author of CONNECTIONS, a three book series. The series, which involves time travel and supernatural wizardry, is available on Amazon Kindle and also in paperback from Amazon. The author, who lives in the NW United Sates is now hard at work on a romantic time travel based on the Modoc War of 1872-73, which took place in southern Oregon and northern California. She is also working on a more fantastical story about a mermaid who must save her merfolk from the ravages of modern human society. View all posts by Janette.


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